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Meet The Tribe

Sandrine The Creative


Diminutive form of Sandra, a shortened form of Alexandrine, the female version of Alexander  which means Protector of Men


Born in Paris, France to an Angolan/DRC mother + Cameroon Father. Sandrine migrated to the United States at the age of 4, alongside her mother and younger sister for the pursuit of “The American Dream”. Settling in Prince George's County, her mother married a 3rd generation French Canadian-American from Biddeford, Maine. There they made a home and had 5 more children along the way.

Sandrine is often described as being eccentric by the people that know her best. She received a Bachelor of Arts at Frostburg State University, In 2013, after completing 5 graduate level classes. A series of events influenced her to venture off into a life of self-discovery.

The life lessons she accumulated over her time living in Baltimore, and the new perspective on life she discovered while in Thailand helped her pursue her dream of opening up her own space.


“As one that always aims to seek enlightenment through the earth + surroundings. I hope all who enter the space come with a sense of wonder + leave with a sense of gratitude for what the universe has to offer.”  


St. Michel

Jackie is a mother of six, and talented in many things. Born in Kinshasa, Congo, she moved to France in her teenage years. She would go to America in her adult years and bring both of these cultures with her. She settled down in Prince George's County, Maryland, where she dedicates her time to sewing and God.

She's hardworking, passionate, and one of the best seamstress around. Request a commission from her today, you won't regret it!

Mazu The Muse


Diminutive form of Mazungidi, which means A man with many troubles in the Papala Tribe of Angola 


A Bmore Native, Mazu was rescued at the parking lot of Lake Montebello at 8 weeks old to a Cynophobia. As the runt of the litter, Mazu was close to death his first year. However, at 5 years old, Mazu has grown to be an exceptional individual with trilingual comprehension + an excellent role model for his breeds community. 

  Lover of everything + everyone. With his calm persuasive demeanor, Mazu has swayed reluctant beings over the years to love his kind. His unbiased personality has made him the unsolicited mascot for friendly pit bulls of the Mount Vernon, North Ave + Charles Village area. As well as the Muse to ‘ Prymitive Ayrloom’. 



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