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A box delivered straight to you door.  Get a taste of Prymitive Ayrloom right at your door!

Each month the box gets updated, so come back every month to get more!

Prices will vary depending on the theme and contents of the box, but the box value will always be stated.

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This Months Theme Is...

Good Vibes

Four Packs of Incense

A bundle of Sage

A bundle of Palo Santos

Handmade Pommade

Natural Raw African Soap


A Pair of Earrings

This box will surely please your olfactory senses.

$80 Value shipped to you at a low price!

Good Vibes Box Price: $39.99 

Good Vibes Box

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Purchase the Good Vibes Box for $39.99 now, and get $120 of value from it!

Boxes are shipped the third week of every month. Next shipment ​is in September.

Purchase the Good Vibes Box using the PayPal link below.

Note: Packaging will differ from pictures shown above.

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